Million-Dollar Move of Faith


How far is a $1.00 leap of faith?

God bless you today!

Some years ago, God blessed our ministry – then called Moved with Compassion Ministries – to move from a modest 3,000-square-foot former civic building to a $1.2 million church facility triple that size, located on five acres of prime real estate in a bustling area of Sherwood, Ark., a fast-growing suburb of Little Rock.

The move was truly a leap of faith for us, under terms that at the time afforded a small group of believers the room to broaden its mission and greatly advance the Kingdom of God. Today, we are Covenant Faith Praise & Worship Center. The name epitomizes the spiritual strides our ministry has made through our continuing faith.

Among the works birthed at our current location are Kingdom Kidds Child Care Center, the Apostle Brenda Jefferson Ministries International Bible College and School of Ministry, and the Covenant Faith Food Pantry to aid needy families in the community. Also, Covenant Faith has twice hosted one of the largest outreach efforts in Arkansas on National HIV Testing Day to heighten community awareness about this insidious disease.

In 2016, we rushed a truckload of bottled water to Flint, MI, to aid citizens in coping with a contaminated public water system.

Today, our numbers are growing, our vision is broadening and our potential to do even greater works that glorify the Father is limitless.

To reach our full potential, we have prayerfully begun an ambitious drive to raise $1 million to pay off our facility within 90 days.

The “Covenant Faith Million-Dollar Move of Faith” can mean as much to you as it does to us, so we’re asking you to take the next leap with us by sowing a seed of as little as $1.00 or as much as you are led to contribute! By sowing your seed in fertile spiritual ground, you not only avail yourself of more bountiful blessings in your life and your family, you help lift up the Kingdom of God.

Click here to make your contribution today, or you may mail your check or money order to: Covenant Faith Building Fund, 9900 Brockington Road, Sherwood, AR  72120.

Also, see our post on Facebook, share it with all your Facebook friends and ask them to share it with their Facebook friends, and so on … and so on, throughout the Kingdom!

May the Lord bless you and keep you is our prayer.